Who said “Pigs can’t fly”, I wonder?…

This one was inspired to me by my daughter on her approaching birthday…

Sketch on paper, transferred to an old bedsheet. A bit of left overs of cotton and organza and some bamboo stick from my veg patch! A bag made to transport the kite to the beach keeping her hands free to carry her boogie board…

Treat yourself!

OK! time to treat myself!… long overdue!😉🥰. Wiltshire scrap store holds left others of leather from Burberry (handbags)… I got some of their beautiful orange.

The lining is from Amy Butler, a piece of fabric which I have had for a few years and was longing to use… The belt is from an eBay job lot second hand. The rest is stuff I had in my studio from previous projects.

The bumbag has a detachable and machine washable part (printed fabric) to put my Covid-19 gears (face mask, gel, payment card…).

The main one (orange) is for my phone, glasses sleeve, car keys, lip balm….

So I have 2 hands free at all times. It can be worn accross the front, the back or the chest… and as my husband said: “perfect for festivals!” (well you’ll see me wearing this gorgeous thing between festivals, for sure!)

I was very excited to design and make this bag, I hope it inspires others too now.

Re-use. Be creative. Inspire. AND TREAT YOURSELF!!

P.S. I “had to” purchase some matching earrings!!… details below! (UK, handmade, recycled materials)

Earrings from : https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/BluebellsByFlora
earrings form: https://www.etsy.com/listing/729177159/vibrant-long-rare-orange-blue-vintage?campaign_label=convo_notifications&utm_source=transactional&utm_campaign=convo_notifications_010170_10683759063_0_0&utm_medium=email&utm_content=&email_sent=1620432675&euid=qFVf9b4YwGw2c4tpDu_U9TZ4r_Uj&eaid=15009004295&x_eaid=d6f99e9039

Sophie’s bumbag

My niece was turning 18….I wanted to make her something special.

I re-used some of her pre-loved clothes which her mum “handed me down” for my daughter. These clothes have been loved but now too small for my daughter (and too worn out for charity shops or passing on to friends) I decided it was time to “up-cycle” them into something that would be loved again!

Her little denim pleated skirt made the outer of the bag, a frill of her navy top with hearts gave a feminine decoration detail along the hem and one of her pink flowers Summer dress made the lining! So even if looking “sober” enough on the outside she still gets some hints of her childhood pinks on the inside! It’s discreet yet it’s there, just for her to know! (-;

to be worn around the hip/low waist of across the chest…

let’s Fly a Kite!

Birthday boy got runnin’….!

With left overs from a bedsheet (used for the scrubs), some felt from the local Scrapstore and bamboo sticks from my garden, I got my birthday boy to run!

Let’s go out, let’s go fly a kite!

Re-use – Inspire

Thank you!

Thank you to all of you who purchased my face masks. Thanks to you The GREEN FROG Club was able to donate £208 to https://www.cotswold-counselling.org.uk, a local charity doing an amazing job at helping all of us – no matter our finances- with mental health.

Something to be mostly aware of in these difficult times.

I am so grateful that we have been able to contribute to our communities in more than one way. Together we are stronger and we can make a difference.

I hope you are all well. Be safe. Stay safe


Women’s bumbags are so back!

And I could not resist having a try…

Cut out a piece of paper and placed it on my low waist. made it the size I wanted. Added seams allowance and transfer to fabric… A snood that I had made years ago but which did not work in this fabric.
Can be worn in different ways.
the lining has a stitching line in the middle so to make two separate “compartiments”: one for face mask, sanitising gel while the other is more for your regular essential : car keys, credit card, phone…

The whole thing can be put in the wash! I love these gorgeous and practical projects, especially when they cost nearly nothing as most is sourced in your own home and it doesn’t damaged the Planet along the way either. Guild free little pleasures! xxx

Bumbag/FaceMask Combo!

For Christmas, we have been busy making bumbags, face masks and wash bags for loved ones re-using their own clothes in the process! My children are the youngest in the family so by the time they have worn their cousins’ old clothes they are not worth taking to the charity shops or handing them over to friends anymore. However, they can be transformed into other use and needs and get a new leap of life…. that’s where we get excited!!

A pair of corduroy trousers (hole on both knees) and left overs of felt from the scrap store to add a dash of colours…
Lining is part of bed duvet cover from scrubs making earlier in the year…nothing is wasted! Zip is also from the scrap store.
My niece will enjoy some flowery colourful prints made out of left over from previous projects in the classroom…
The pockets can be used again like when it was a pair of shorts! but for house keys or phone nowadays…how time flies! I remember my nephew wearing these shorts…
At the back, Eddy can put his belt through the original belt tabs… It has been sewn on the top seam only so he can also still use these pockets.
with one little boy’s shirt I made 2 bumbags and since the teenagers I made these for are cousins they both used to wear it! lets see if they recognise it..
This time is a classic denim and shirt… from their uncle’s pre-loved clothes!


There is a new fabric and a new mask: a beautiful organic cotton in plain grey.

It has the same “features” as the others: 3 layers, all organic fabrics, breathable, comfortable, adjustable elastics, washable etc…

Fabric sourced from a family business with great organic credentials and based here in Gloucestershire. To order yours please send me a quick email and I will get back to you with more info.

“We absolutely love our masks. Super soft and comfy. Kids wear them happily and just ordered this one for Skip! Thank you lovely xxx”, Juliet L.

Face Masks

After trying several different shapes and researching what the best fabrics are, I finally made my first masks…So far, the feedbacks are amazing and I am thrilled! 3 layers of UK Organic fabrics, comfortable, breathable, adjustable and washable, I believe they work very well. For more info or to order yours please message me privately (incl. your email address) and I will send you all the details and the fabrics available. 3 sizes : Child, Teen’, Adult. Costs £10 (50% profits donated to Costwold Counselling Charity, a wonderful organisation dealing with mental health for all ages, budgets, situations). Together let’s heal all generations present and to come.



My mask was christened at my visit to the hospital this week and it worked superbly well, especially as I was wearing glasses and they did not steam up!!Many thanks, you are a heroine!”, William S.

Received ours today – they are so lovely In their little bag – almost too nice to wear and get all dirty! (-;, very comfy too Xx.”, Katy C.

Love my mask! My son’s mask fits and he looks awesome!, Aggeliki A.

I love ours! they are brilliant! thank you!“, Kate M.