Beeswax food wraps

Best Beeswax in blocks from:
I had a few children for the day so I thought it would be the perfect time to have a go at my beeswax-wraps-trial-run!!
We grated the beeswax like a big block of cheddar cheese directly on the pre-cut fabric in the tray. In the over for 2minutes and got it out and hanged it up with wooden little pegs to a piece of garden wire next to my oven… it dries super fast!
We had fun making different shapes (bowls cover, sandwich wraps…)
Created some little sets of 2 for favours to friends and family! (-;
To clean dishes I put them back in oven to get it liquid again, wiped off most of the wax with paper cloths with coconut oil on them and same again with a scrap of kitchen cloth. For my hands I used oil and hand cream and wipe off excess with a cotton cloth.
I will make a few changes next time but overall, great fun to make and such a worthy purpose!😉 Will have a go with the children at The GREEN FROG Club this week! Any mums interested?

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