Bumbag/FaceMask Combo!

For Christmas, we have been busy making bumbags, face masks and wash bags for loved ones re-using their own clothes in the process! My children are the youngest in the family so by the time they have worn their cousins’ old clothes they are not worth taking to the charity shops or handing them over to friends anymore. However, they can be transformed into other use and needs and get a new leap of life…. that’s where we get excited!!

A pair of corduroy trousers (hole on both knees) and left overs of felt from the scrap store to add a dash of colours…
Lining is part of bed duvet cover from scrubs making earlier in the year…nothing is wasted! Zip is also from the scrap store.
My niece will enjoy some flowery colourful prints made out of left over from previous projects in the classroom…
The pockets can be used again like when it was a pair of shorts! but for house keys or phone nowadays…how time flies! I remember my nephew wearing these shorts…
At the back, Eddy can put his belt through the original belt tabs… It has been sewn on the top seam only so he can also still use these pockets.
with one little boy’s shirt I made 2 bumbags and since the teenagers I made these for are cousins they both used to wear it! lets see if they recognise it..
This time is a classic denim and shirt… from their uncle’s pre-loved clothes!

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