Treat yourself!

OK! time to treat myself!… long overdue!😉🥰. Wiltshire scrap store holds left others of leather from Burberry (handbags)… I got some of their beautiful orange.

The lining is from Amy Butler, a piece of fabric which I have had for a few years and was longing to use… The belt is from an eBay job lot second hand. The rest is stuff I had in my studio from previous projects.

The bumbag has a detachable and machine washable part (printed fabric) to put my Covid-19 gears (face mask, gel, payment card…).

The main one (orange) is for my phone, glasses sleeve, car keys, lip balm….

So I have 2 hands free at all times. It can be worn accross the front, the back or the chest… and as my husband said: “perfect for festivals!” (well you’ll see me wearing this gorgeous thing between festivals, for sure!)

I was very excited to design and make this bag, I hope it inspires others too now.

Re-use. Be creative. Inspire. AND TREAT YOURSELF!!

P.S. I “had to” purchase some matching earrings!!… details below! (UK, handmade, recycled materials)

Earrings from :
earrings form:

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