Thursday, 4th April 2019


Make a Star Beach Bag-(10-12years) with Intro to sewing machine

Amazing opportunity for older children (aged 10-12) to create their very own first beach bag (adult size!) with a decorative star on the front. They will learn how to transform a “Dad’s shirt” into a bag while getting their hands on the machine. It will activate their young engineering mind to put the pieces together in the right order as well as having fun decorating it at the end. The star will be a nice way to learn how to coordinate their foot on the pedal and hands on the machine with “stops and go”! AND it will – I hope- inspire them to love re-purposing and sewing to protect their precious Planet. This is the beginning of a mindful journey! (-;
All they need to bring is one of Dad’s shirt (with a hole or a stain will be fine!) and I will provide the rest of the materials + a snack . Price £20/child.

This class is now FULLY BOOKED.

Friday, 5th April 2019


The Easter Bunny Tote bag – (7-9 years) with intro’ to sewing machines

Fabulous opportunity for children (7-9years old ) to create their own gorgeous Easter Bunny bag, ready to collect chocolate eggs in a few weeks time! They will transform a “daddy’s shirt” into a bag and sew it with basic first skills on a machine. A fun activity which teaches them to sew but also to think and transform, re-purpose. Learning how to be kind with their environment. Bring a pre-loved Daddy’s shirt, snack and other materials are included. Price: £20


Monday, 8th April 2019


Necklace/scarf + awareness of where your clothes come from (10-11years)

A super fun course for the older children (aged 10-12) to learn how to make a gorgeous necklace/scarf with a T-shirt and think about the process of re-purposing pre-loved garments. In addition to this we will also find out where our clothes are made and some of the impact on the environment. It is a beginners class and I hope to inspire the children on their mindful journey. All they need to bring is a T-shirt or two, I will provide the rest of the materials and the snack. Price for this 2-hour course is £20 per child.
(Please note : we will not need the use a machine fo this course)


Monday, 15th April 2019


A T-shirt becomes a toys bag + The journey of our favourite clothes (7-9 years)

A perfect opportunity for young children aged 7 to 9 to learn how to re-purpose a T-shirt into a beach bag. We will also do a fun activity to introduce the children to the journey of their favourite clothes and talk about some of the impacts on our environment. It will – I hope- inspire children to re-purpose more as well as give them an awareness of what happens when we buy too many new clothes…
Price £20 per child. 10am-12pm.