My name is Celine, originated from the land of Frog legs, a long long time ago! I’m a mum and a dressmaker…and a Human Being only just waking up!

The idea: I want to do my best to leave this Planet as “good as I can” for the next generations!After all, isnt’ it the motto of every parents? “I’ll do my best!”. I believe that we have a duty to inform the next generations of the facts so to give them a chance to make responsible decisions later (much, much more responsible decisions than we and their grandparents have made since they saw the first supermarkets and shopping centres coming out of the Earth like pretty flowers in Spring! )-; …

Our children -and the many to follow after them- will have to change their mindsets and stop buying new (and cheap!) clothes like we have done and still do today! Our Planet does not care about what we find more”convenient”! After oil, the production of our clothes comes 2nd as most polluting factor on our Planet. Why don’t we hear about that? It’s frightening.

But, there is hope, especially once you can thread a needle and want to make a difference, little by little…

The Result: I created The Green Frog club to teach children and grown-ups how to sew. Nothing from new! we use existing and pre-loved garments that we find at home or in charity shops. We use our engineering minds by thinking about the different stages of constructions before we start.

The aim is to learn a (survival) skill and have fun along the way. 

With the children we talk about: where their clothes are made, who by and how, how did they come all the way to us, why was it not made in our country? etc… There are a lot of fun activities possible to inform them. I source a lot of them from : The Fashion Revolution website. It is worth a read for grown-ups too. There is also a film/documentary available on their website called : The True Cost…

So if you want your children to learn this new skill and if yourself you feel like your mum puts you to shame when she sews 15 name labels in what seems a “record time” to you then check out our timetable for the next available classes…Or contact me to ask any questions. 

The classes are very informal but – I hope!- very informative! and a lot of fun-that I’m sure!(-;