Welcome to The Green Frog Club website! If you are here it probably is because you care about your children and the Planet… and you are curious to know how you could do your “bit”…Great! that’s the Spirit!

I run sewing classes where we don’t use anything new. It’s the Golden Rule! We think, we create something new. We give a once-loved garment a new purpose and a new life. It feels good because we do our “bit” to protect the Planet, it’s gratifying because you end up with an “item” that you have made yourself (worth sending 100 emails, I promise you!), it’s rewarding because it teaches your children how to think that way and they will copy you and impress you with their creativity! it’s fun because the classes are informal and we meet new people…

Bring your machine if you have one and let  it become your BFF! I have a few machines that you can start learning with in case you are a beginner. Well done  and thank you!

Classes timetables is available on the Facebook page