Face Masks

After trying several different shapes and researching what the best fabrics are, I finally made my first masks…So far, the feedbacks are amazing and I am thrilled! 3 layers of UK Organic fabrics, comfortable, breathable, adjustable and washable, I believe they work very well. For more info or to order yours please message me privately (incl. your email address) and I will send you all the details and the fabrics available. 3 sizes : Child, Teen’, Adult. Costs £10 (50% profits donated to Costwold Counselling Charity, a wonderful organisation dealing with mental health for all ages, budgets, situations). Together let’s heal all generations present and to come.



My mask was christened at my visit to the hospital this week and it worked superbly well, especially as I was wearing glasses and they did not steam up!!Many thanks, you are a heroine!”, William S.

Received ours today – they are so lovely In their little bag – almost too nice to wear and get all dirty! (-;, very comfy too Xx.”, Katy C.

Love my mask! My son’s mask fits and he looks awesome!, Aggeliki A.

I love ours! they are brilliant! thank you!“, Kate M.



Scrubs…The End

OK! so after sewing 30 sets of scrubs- which is just over 100 items- and £100 raised for the NHS over 6 weeks, I am happy!

Thank you for all your help, may it have been in the form of cash, fabric or words of encouragement, I simply could not have done it without you all. I am truly humbled, grateful and so excited to know that I have friends out there ready to trust me and help me out!? (yes! it took a worldwide pandemic for my stubborn mind to believe it!

Mr Price, headmaster in Westonbirt Prep School showcasing his scrubs set for the Telegraph newspaper. I was so pleased to read that he liked it and that it did fit him!! it’s nice to see your work “in-situ”
Tracing my paper pattern to have a copy for each size.
after printing the patterns they needed to be put together like a puzzle. it was very clearly indicated. It was so helpful.
Donation from my local sewing shop, Loose Ends fabrics. So generous.
Each set was sent in its own wash bag so the wearer would get changed before leaving the work place and put it all in the washing machine until the next day…
Sets going to the Southampton hospital Children with Cancer Department. Trying to cheer them up……
A rare moment with my pal, outside in daytime (or just about!)
Health visitors sets
Prep school sets
Nursery sets

Together, not only have we helped a vital cause but also made the world a little bit safer and the people a little bit happier. And at the moment, that is huuuuge!

Thank you, I love you too!! Stay safe!


Bumbag returns!

The Green Frog Club is back! And we have already started working on the famous, the wonderful…..bumbaaaag!! (I know! I NEVER thought I’d say that!) but it makes sense for the sake of the children’s back, to carry their money for “Friday Tuck-Shop” without losing it, their snacks so their boxes dont get spread around the playground! you know?! all these occasions where you are not with them to do it for them! 🤣🤸‍♀️ok so with paper with made the patterns on week 1 thinking of shapes, with gorgeous scraps we cut-out our pieces on week2. this week we shall start sewing…the zip!!

Paper pattern drawing then adding seam allowances. Looking at the different pieces to cut and in which shapes/sizes… Our Little engineers’ minds working to flatten the 3D object that we are trying to make…
Choose between old jeans and scraps before cut our bits, remember: “think twice, cut once”!

Everyone has a little idea of what they want on the front so it’s a “google image” and a print…

then it’s the zip…

Eventually we will come to that! but even better! (-; Watch this page!

Convertible handbag/backbag…

When you know that your handbag is annoying falling off your shoulder all the time but yet, so much more stylish than a backpack that you keep using it anyway?!… 
That’s me! And my birthday was on its way…
So I decided to imagine my own bag, draw it on paper, played with fabrics I had at home (from old personal stash to local scrapstore leather via Vintage second hand sale…), added my seams allowance and started sewing… and Voila! I used it to go to France this Summer and to little trips to the zoo for example and it worked a treat!

My dolly has a new dress!…

From a big piece of “dot and cross paper” (dressmaker’s paper to make patterns) to these, I am very happy with the work achieved by the children this term, what a great year to end their first year with the GREEN FROG sewing club! The dolls became great pals along the process too! (-;

Hem hem!…

Learn how to hem your trousers, save money, help Breast Cancer!

The GREEN FROG Club was delighted on Friday to welcome very enthusiastic women to take part of our very special “Hem hem” workshop!

We learned how to make a clean professional hem on trousers such as jeans or Summer linen trousers but also skirts.

It was a very positive and exciting workshop. We raised £30. Thank you to all of you for coming! you learnt a new skill saving you money but also you helped a very good cause @Breast Cancer Now.

Beeswax food wraps

Best Beeswax in blocks from:https://www.livemoor.co.uk
I had a few children for the day so I thought it would be the perfect time to have a go at my beeswax-wraps-trial-run!!
We grated the beeswax like a big block of cheddar cheese directly on the pre-cut fabric in the tray. In the over for 2minutes and got it out and hanged it up with wooden little pegs to a piece of garden wire next to my oven… it dries super fast!
We had fun making different shapes (bowls cover, sandwich wraps…)
Created some little sets of 2 for favours to friends and family! (-;
To clean dishes I put them back in oven to get it liquid again, wiped off most of the wax with paper cloths with coconut oil on them and same again with a scrap of kitchen cloth. For my hands I used oil and hand cream and wipe off excess with a cotton cloth.
I will make a few changes next time but overall, great fun to make and such a worthy purpose!😉 Will have a go with the children at The GREEN FROG Club this week! Any mums interested?

Summer Skirts

Shirts into skirts…At the GREEN FROG Club we finished our Summer skirts. We used a pre-loved shirt, we learned 3 ways to take measurements on ourselves and on someone else, we used these measurements to mark on our shirt, cut it, sew the waistline and pass the elastic through with a safety pin. Et voila! 😉🤸‍♀️