Beeswax food wraps

Best Beeswax in blocks from:
I had a few children for the day so I thought it would be the perfect time to have a go at my beeswax-wraps-trial-run!!
We grated the beeswax like a big block of cheddar cheese directly on the pre-cut fabric in the tray. In the over for 2minutes and got it out and hanged it up with wooden little pegs to a piece of garden wire next to my oven… it dries super fast!
We had fun making different shapes (bowls cover, sandwich wraps…)
Created some little sets of 2 for favours to friends and family! (-;
To clean dishes I put them back in oven to get it liquid again, wiped off most of the wax with paper cloths with coconut oil on them and same again with a scrap of kitchen cloth. For my hands I used oil and hand cream and wipe off excess with a cotton cloth.
I will make a few changes next time but overall, great fun to make and such a worthy purpose!πŸ˜‰ Will have a go with the children at The GREEN FROG Club this week! Any mums interested?

Summer Skirts

Shirts into skirts…At the GREEN FROG Club we finished our Summer skirts. We used a pre-loved shirt, we learned 3 ways to take measurements on ourselves and on someone else, we used these measurements to mark on our shirt, cut it, sew the waistline and pass the elastic through with a safety pin. Et voila! πŸ˜‰πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ

Scrumptious Scrunchies!!

The GREEN FROG Club is back and this week we used gorgeous left overs from the Easter Holiday workshops to make scrumptious scrunchies! Funny enough: it was one of the children’s favourites! Simple and practical projects! (-;

Lyndsey’s bag

For my dear friend Lyndsey I made this bag out of a bold pink and white flowers linen skirt and a dark blue jeans (local charity shop) and some beautiful orange boiled wool from the Wiltshire scraptore, end of rolls. I wanted something that can be carried easily leaving both hands free with young children or on her bike…but also a smart side to use for work and a more “St Werburgh” side for any other days! YES, the thought of keeping it for myself did cross my mind! hehehe!!πŸ€˜πŸ˜„

Beach Bag- can’t get enough of them!!

What a busy week at The GREEN FROG Club this holiday as we have been making more Beach bags with our Daddy’s old shirts! and do they look good!!…

Thank you to all the girls who took part and did such a good job in a very jolly atmosphere!

some kept a handy pocket!!

Boys’ class!

I am very excited to tell you that The Green Frog Club has had its very first sewing class with just boys! What an amazing experience: we compared transforming a pair of jeans into a bag with dismantling a Lego aeroplane into a space rocket: both experiences require methods and engineering skills! OH! and of course, the harder you press on the pedal, the faster you are “driving” the machine! so they had a race or two by the end of the session! (-; THANK YOU BOYS!!

I had some old boys’ T-shirts and some felt and scissors…the rest comes from the boys’ ideas!

The Beach Bag- workshop

in 2 hours, the girls made a bag with one of their Dad’s old shirts, they had never used a sewing machine before. I am so pleased with their work and their attitude! (relaxed and chatty) (-;

Another birthday treat!!

I re-used an old pair of jeans ripped on the knee and a stained T-shirt with his favourite camper van…and some garden rope!! Happy Birthday Eddy!

“Where are my clothes made?”

I chose a handful of pretty girly clothes, attractive to them of course! They chose a favourite, had to found the labels to read “made in….”, locate the answer on the map and trace a line all the way back to the UK. I got some pretty cool comments while looking at the map:
– “why are we making our clothes so far away? it would be cheaper here!?Β 
-(Me:)”how would that be?
– well! by the time we transport them to the UK!”
-” and it will have polluted our air!”
-” Oh yes! and our oceans”
– “oh no!? and the earth: if they use trucks!? “
– “So? does that mean they are not paid a proper wage then?”
– “I am NEVER going to buy from Primark again!”Β 
– “but I love shopping?!…”
– “How can we help?” (that’s my VERY favourite!)
Children are so switched on and they came up with the problems and the solutions all by themselves.Β 
Not bad for a bunch who thought their clothes were made in their favourite shop in Bath an hour earlier!Β πŸ˜‰πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈπŸ₯°

Source: PLEASE check it out as these guys are doing our job! we are all concerned by Fairness and ultimately the air we breathe! We have a duty of care : give your children the facts: they will grow more able to make responsible decisions. xxx