Fingerless gloves, for us this time!

A very busy week with The Green Frog Club as we finished our fingerless gloves (which match our mums’ so we can play “snap” as we wear them together!😄 We used the same jumpers!). The children did a very good job 👍❤️

Sweet 16!

From worn-out (but too pretty to throw away!) girl leggings into my sweet-sixteen niece gloves!😉. Happy rep-purposing with a purpose!!

Super Thomas’ Cape!

A piece of dress, bit of jeans scraps and left overs of felt and birthday boy will be flying away, saving the woooorld! (Made one of these for his brother months ago and according to their mummy they take it in turns to use the eldest boy’s one!, I am so pleased!)


OH! I have just had a wonderful time with amazing girls this morning! First “mums” class and I loved it! They came with their own jumpers (too small or full of holes) and check out what they managed to do with it! TADAAA!!! Well done, girls! and a massive thank you for caring about our children and their Planet! 😉🤸‍♀️🥰 . See you again soon!
Je viens de passer un super moment pour mon 1er cours avec des “mamans”! Elles ont emmené leur propre pull, soit avec des trous, soit trop petit etc.. et regardez ce qu’elles en on fait!? Merci a vous les filles et surtout au nom de la Planète! a bientôt!

It’s Christmas time!…

For Christmas we decided to make our loved ones some useful gifts…

For Daddy we made a shopping bag out of one of one of his old pair of jeans. and we added a note:”Please keep me in your car at all times! no more plastic bags!”

For Grandpop we used the same jeans but we used the top to make a tool/garden belt. He can use it with a belt if it is a bit too tight! (-;.

For Mummy we made fingerless gloves with a jumper…(we used the rest of the jumper to make ourselves a pair too after Christmas!)

For Granny, we made some lavender bags with lavender from France that I picked on my last Summer holidays and dried at home.

The children learned how to think about the process of the making of before diving into it. Their “engineer” brain gets activated before their fingers handle the scissors! (-;. The idea is to make them as independent as possible with these projects and their own to come…

Starting a Children sewing club

I was very excited to start running a new after school club: Teaching children how to re-purpose clothes is -for me- my way of leaving behind a certain legacy: helping fixing the mess that my generation and the one before me have made.

Here are some examples of the projects that we made together. The Children have as much to teach me as I have to teach them. Their creativity is endless! I love it!

We started with making our sewing folders with a box of cereals, scraps of fabric and a bit of wool.
We put our instructions for each projects and keep our patterns in them. We can take them home to re-create the projects for friends and family.

We made our sewing bags. We used a pillow case and a bit of garden rope…and some ribbons and buttons! We keep all our bits and bobs in it, ready for the following week.

Why this name??

It’s a mind game to find a business name that resembles who you are and what your business is about! Do you know how many times you can find a “sew mindful”, “sew green”, etc…? too many times! it drove me nuts! I started to think “OK! who am I?” and “what’s the aim of my business?” Frog and Green came out of a crazy lot of other words!… It’s important to keep it simple so people remember (and so do I as I have this memory problem now called…oh! what’s the name of it again?! hmm. oh yes: Being a …hmm..MUM! that’s it!).

That’s a start!

I used to find loads of excuses for not starting this website. Luckily, my friends were very supportive and would say:” Who cares?! Start somewhere! and go from there!”. So I decided to try and on a sunny snowy day in February 2019 I took my old machine and my -almost as old- phone and went lying down in the field with the oak tree that I love! It’s always there, changing with the seasons, but always straight and strong! I took a lot of photos until my wet knees and elbows (and runny nose!) were too cold to keep going. I went back home to see if any of this would be “any good”, if I got THE shot that encompasses my business: we will sew with Nature in mind! This one was the best of the lot. So that’s a start, right?! (-;